Our mobile unit which contains 2 fully functional exam-rooms. Should this location not be ideal for St. Lucie Fire District employees, TCMAi proposes an alternate location central to St. Lucie County employees. Our mobile unit will allow true on-site physical evaluations for all County employees represented by this RFP. While St. Lucie County Fire District currently contracts a separate vendor for fire fighter physicals and worker’s compensation, if they should choose to combine these services with the Employee Health & Wellness Center in the future, our mobile unit is fully capable of providing fire fighter physicals compliant with NFPA 1582 at any fire station. This allows minimum downtime for any of St. Lucie County’s Fire Rescue units. This would also drastically decrease the cost of conducting fire fighter physicals and worker’s compensation cases, as these would all be done on a pass-through basis.

All Worker’s Compensation evaluations and pre-hire/Fit for Duty Physicals can be conducted at the Employee Health Center or TCMAi mobile unit, both at no additional charge.

TCMAi also proposes the use of their mobile unit that can be strategically scheduled and located at any of the St Lucie County Fire District’s facilities; dramatically reducing downtime for routine scheduled events such as, wellness evaluations, and periodic random drug testing.

TCMAi proposes using a mobile unit which can travel between pre-determined on-site locations to complete any necessary testing.