Occupational Medicine

Proactive wellness | Comprehensive care
Accessible | Client-oriented


Disease & Injury Treatment & Management

Due to our depth of experience in emergency medicine and urgent care medicine, we are comfortable with diagnosing and treating most medical conditions. Therefore, we can handle most patient care right in our urgent care center without having to refer many patients to expensive alternatives, like emergency departments.

The more that we can do for patients, the more they will use our services because it’s far more convenient than the alternatives. This point is important because it not only saves a significant amount of costs for an employer, it encourages patients to use our less-expensive services. This is because, if patients find that they are very often being referred to the emergency department for testing and care, they will decide to stop coming to the employer’s preferred care provider and go directly to the hospital instead.

Our occupational medicine services include:

  • job injury services, including treatment of injuries and first report of injury via evidence-based medicine
  • disease/accident case management, including early return to work
  • dispensing of pharmaceuticals per a formulary determined by client needs
  • employee physicals and drug testing
  • exams and screenings (including random & required drug testing)
  • laboratory specimen collection services

We utilize our electronic medical record system to track patients and carry out effective disease management, especially on high-risk cases.

Prevention & Wellness Programs

We emphasize preventative care and healthy lifestyle choices to the employees of our employer clients.
High-risk cases are given special case management attention to avoid deterioration in their health status and reduce associated healthcare costs.

Services include:

  • health risk assessments (HRA) of employees
  • prevention of accidents and illnesses among employee groups
  • education specific to the unique job needs of groups/classes of employees who at high risk (e.g., sedentary workers, smokers, obese, diabetics, occupational exposures)
  • wellness program to provide educational, intervention and incentive programs.

Measureable Results Via Data Analysis & Reporting

Our electronic health record allows us to track the course of disease by patient and diagnosis code.
This allows us to assess results not only by patient, but also by the overall disease category (e.g., diabetic).

We use metrics to get employees back to work as quickly as possible after injuries or illnesses; and use evidence-based clinical measures in our case management (e.g., are our diabetic patients doing better? Are smokers quitting? Are obese patients losing weight? Are we sending fewer employees to emergency departments?

Value is measured by recognizing high risk patients and intervening early improving overall patient outcomes and cost reduction through appropriate case management and efficient prescribing patterns.